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How to Make Clay Sweetheart Candy for Valentines Day

How to Make a Dough Clay Sweetheart Candy

PIC_0393The sweetheart candy is sure to be a big hit with your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day.

Check out the dough clay recipe to get started on this little workshop.

Sculpting Design


Baking Your Design

dough clay sweetheart candyBake your dough clay hearts at 200 degrees for est. 120 minutes. Dough must be baked until it is solid hard all the way through.

Watch out for puffing while baking thicker designs; try to keep it less than ½ inch for better outcomes.

Make test run before you make bunch of letters because dough has a mind of its own and I can’t say for sure how your clay will dry out.

Painting & Varnishing

sweetheart candyUse acrylic paints for your dough hearts; they can all be the same color or each letter can be a different color. After the paint is dried, cover your sweetheart candy with 2 to 3 layers of varnish to seal out moisture.

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