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How to Make a Little Owl from Salt Dough

dough owl coverOwls are such beautiful creations, I so enjoy listening to the Owls in the evening at our home in the Mountains of Tennessee.
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How to Make Your Salt Dough Owls

cut out owl shape1. You guys will need a batch of dough clay before you start, the recipe can be found here: Dough Clay Recipe.
2. You will need a cookie sheet in an easy to grab place. Make a light dusting of flour on your counter before throwing your dough down to roll out.
Roll out your dough about a 1/4 inch thick (0.635 cm).
claws and wings3. To create the body you will cut a U shape with a narrow top.  At the top on each side make little triangles and an arch to connect the sides. Please refer to video for clarification.
Use water to soften the edges of your dough owl.
You will now build off this basic shape to create a little Owl. Use a drop of water to connect your pieces, the water acts like glue for our clay.
You Can Dough This
owl before baking4. Pinch off a small amount of clay and divide into two pieces, pat this clay into small flat ovals and place onto your owl for his eyes.
5. Take a small pinch of clay and pat into a small tear drop shape for both feet. Use a tooth pick to make small marks for the claw effects. Use a drop of water to connect your claws to the bottom of the Owl.
6. The owl wings are semi circles with a straight edge. Use a tooth pick to create the look of wings by making small indentions to the edge.
Place the straight edge to the side of the owl with a drop of water.
owls ready to bake7. To create a beck take a small piece of clay and flatten to cut into a diamond shape. Place between the eyes with a small drop of water.
Now you have the body, wings, claws, and beck all together ready for last minute touches.
You can make hearts, stars, roses, little shapes to accent the owls' body. These small details add so much to your designs; as a matter of fact they give personality.

Drying Your Dough Owls

painting owlsOnce you Owls are completely assembled you will bake or air dry your dough clay pieces.
Bake your Owls in a conventional oven for at least 2 hours on 200 degrees. If you find your Owls are not completely dry leave them in longer.
Your Owls must be completely dried before you begin painting and varnishing.
painting the red owl

Painting Your Owl

You can use food color or acrylic craft paints on your dough clay. After painting you will seal your pieces with at least 3 layers of varnish. Read the varnish cans instructions.
These Owls would make cute fridge magnets.
painting owls
Thank you for stopping by the studio; I made this video to spark some creativity in you.
Have a great day and like this video before you leave.
Here is a link to Natalia outstanding article and website where I found this adorable little Owl for inspiration: http://sztukaniepowazna.blogspot.com/2011/11/swiateczne-lub-nie-anioki-z-masy-solnej.html.
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