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How to Paint Your Dough Angels

How to Paint Your Dough AngelsYou have little dough Angels to paint and get on your tree. There is not much left to do except have fun with adding color to your Angels.
You can also decoupage your Angels with scrap fabric, but that will have to wait for another fun workshop.
If you have not yet watched out to make your Angels here is a quick link: How to Make Dough Angels Ornaments for Christmas. http://youtu.be/g31oHjhqyzk

How to Paint Your Angels

painting angelYour Angels must be completely dried before you begin painting and sealing them.
To paint your Angels use acrylic paints, letting it soak into the dough or food coloring.
You can give your pieces a white coat before painting on color.
Be sure and seal your Angels with varnish, here is a link to the varnish that I use to create shine and seal out moisture. http://goo.gl/Oymlmf
Apply at least 3 coats to the front and back of your Angel to seal out all moisture.
Thank you for stopping by the studio; I made this video to spark some creativity in you.
Have a great day and like this video before you leave, Merry Christmas.
Here is a link to Natalia outstanding article and website where I found this adorable little Angel for inspiration: http://sztukaniepowazna.blogspot.com/2011/11/swiateczne-lub-nie-anioki-z-masy-solnej.html.
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