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Up Cycle Your Old Magazines Into A Artsy Bowl

How to Make a Recycled Magazine Bowl

completed magazine bowlA dear girlfriend from church brought me a picture of a magazine bowl she found on pinterest website. From that innocent exchange I began rolling up magazine pages for hours to create this artsy bowl.

Awesome recycling crafters be prepared to grow in patience as you roll and roll magazine pages to create a medium sized bowl.

Great news it you need very little to accomplish this look such as magazines pages, glue, hot glue gun and time.

For all you visual artist please refer to the “how-to” video at the end of this article.

What to Do for A Medium Size Bowl

roll up magazine pages into a tube1. Tear out the pages of one full magazine and cut one page length wise in half.

2. Use a tooth pick to begin your rolling the page. Start in the corner and into a tube; pull out the tooth pick once you get started. You may not need the toothpick at all, it help me start a tight roll. I found the tighter the roll, the better. Add a dab of glue to the edge as you roll it out. Make all your tubes using at least one full magazine.

Use your hand or ruler to flatten out all of your newly made magazine tubes.

rolling up tube3. Grab your tooth pick and roll your tubes into a nice tight spiral. As you roll I found putting a little hot glue as I go kept my roll from unrolling on me. At the end of the roll add a little Elmer's glue to make it nice and neat.

Make magazine spirals into different sizes for the side of your bowl. Create one large spiral for the base of your bowl; say around 6 to 8 inches.

These magazine spirals are really cool looking; you can use this technique to create all sorts of cool art.

rolled up magazine spirals4. You can use a glass bowl or balloon as a frame as you work. Place the bottom magazine spiral down, sit your glass bowl on top and begin hot gluing your side spirals up the side however you like. I applied some pressure as the glue set up and this bowl turned out quiet sturdy, which was a pleasant surprise.

About the mid way point of building up the bowl sides I was able to remove the glass bowl and continue to add my spirals.

Artsy Bowl Summary

finished magazine bowl side viewFinally, after hour of work I had a nice bowl to display. I really like the technique and the look of the spirals. I can see all kinds of things made with these simple spirals.

I do hope that this as sparked some creativity and you now have the need to roll up some magazine pages, just as I did.

You can pin this photo to your pinterest.

finished mag bowlPerhaps you could share your ideals with us here or visit our Facebook studio where you can upload photos of your work. We would love for you to come be a part of our artsy community of friends where we can learn from each other.

Thank you for stopping by the studio, we look forward to seeing you again. Have a great day and keep creating.

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