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How to Make A Flower Accessory from Scrap Fabric

Fabric Flower Accessory

pink fabric flower If you sew very often you will have scrap (remnant) fabric and you may be wondering what to do with all those scraps.  I have a little ideal to share with you.
I would like to take the credit for this little flower but all the credit goes to McCall's Fashion Accessories pattern M6047. I was delighted to pick it up at Hobby Lobby's .99c pattern sale over the summer and I am now just getting around to sharing.
Although, my hands are usually busy sculpting every now and then I work with fabric.
The best part of making these flowers you will not need a sewing machine. That means you can buy remnant fabric from your local store and create these flowers at home without any sewing experiences.
Easy Flower Accessories
If you don't have the McCall's Pattern 6047 (flower b), then you can print out a flower outline from the internet to follow along.
I have created a short video for your visually inclined artsy folks to view at your convenience.

Easy Flower Advice

cut flower1. Cut out your pattern and pin to your fabric. Your fabric will be facing printed side up (right side up). I folded my fabric to cut to out at once.
Tip: Cut out 4 individual flower pieces from different fabric remnants for each flower to add a bit of interest.
2. With right sides up you will place flower sections together arranging the petals to as shown.
3. From the underneath begin loosely stitching along the line through all the thicknesses, using a double threaded needle.
pink flower fabric4. By pulling your end you will begin to gather up your fabric. Adjust your gathers tightly and wrap your thread around you’re the center several times, then secure your thread and remove your pins.
5. Sew or glue your pin backing to the wrong side of your flower.
That's it, you've got it. You can wear your flower on your collar, put it on a hat, or pin it to your purse.
The flower accessories give you so many great options to set yourself apart from the rest.
You can also get hair barrettes to use with your lovely fabric flowers.
Don't you think this is a great way to recycle your scraps?
Thank you for stopping by the studio today, I hope that this video has sparked some creativity in you. Feel free to check out the other artsy videos on our channel before you leave.
Have a great day and please share our studio with your friends.
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