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How 2 Make A Whimsy Lady Bug With Paper Mache

Paper Mache Clay Lady Bug

ladybugTo create your fancy Lady Bug you can use the paper mache paste recipe or the paper mache clay recipe, it is totally up to you.

In the video I use homemade paper mache clay to create my Lady Bug. Above is the recipe for the clay, you will need to gather a few more things to get started.

Now let's get those creative juices flowing.

Lady Bug Love

Your Material List

Recycled newspaper & copper wire

Plastic bag & Tape

Paper Mache Paste

Paper Mache Clay

Acrylic paints, brushes


And a Smile



How 2 Make Your Lady Bug Armature

1. Make your armature by wading up newspaper into a ball, the ball will be the body of your Lady Bug, so make this any size you would like. Take your ball and place it into a plastic bag, twist the bags to wrap tightly around your ball, tape down and cut off the extra bag.

Just A Note: Watching the video will explain everything.


lady bug antlers2. Cover the armature with 1/4 inch of your homemade clay. You can add raised areas for your wings, and then set this aside and let it completely dry.

Placing it in the oven on very low heat will speed up your dry time and it is perfectly safe but do not leave it unattended. (150 and below)

3. Sand your Lady Bug down so she is nice and smooth. Add a primer coat of white acrylic or gesso. Sand again if needed at this stage.

4. Add your copper antlers. Use recyclable material that you have lying around your home.

Also add some legs if you wish or leave a small area flat on the bottom to help your bug sit flat.

Now cover your holes with clay to prevent your copper from coming out of its place.

paint lady5. Add your color to your Lady Bug and let it all dry again. I use acrylic paints and brushes to create my fancy Lady Bug. They would look cute painted bright colors as well as the traditional colors you see on my sculpture.

6. Cover the entire Lady Bug with poly acrylic varnish and let this completely dry. I use Minwax Polycrylic to seal and give my Lady Bug a beautiful shine. This seal is not meant to water proof your piece, your Lady Bug is an inside Lady Bug and loves to be enjoyed by his family.

Your Finished Fancy Lady Bug

The Lady Bugs are really cute and simple to make, you are going to enjoy seeing your whimsy Lady Bugs come together.

If you have any questions or suggestions the best place to throw those ideals around is at our Facebook community.

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Have a great day and keep creating.

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