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Larger than Life Paper Mache Peppermint Candy

Your Giant Peppermint Candy

peppermint candyHello crafty folks! It is good to see you at the studio today, we are here making candy. This paper mache project is easy and you will have fun decorating with these whimsical peppermint candy pieces.
They would be beautiful on a mantel with candles and more paper mache candy at Christmas.
For now I have only the one made but just couldn't wait to share with you this easy decorating project. These whimsical peppermints are certainly not limited to the holidays.
I plan on making pink and several other colors before the holidays. I will have my very own winter wonderland before Christmas this year. (At least that is the plan.)
You're Candy Supplies
You will need a few things to create your paper mache candy and some are recyclables.
Cardboard for the base.
Tuna cans for the insides.
Tape to hold it all together.
Newspaper and Paper Mache Paste
Plastic Bag: http://goo.gl/TEBUW
Clear Basket Bag that you would wrap a basket with, it makes the perfect wrapper for your peppermint.

How 2 Make Your Paper Mache Peppermint

paper peppermint1. Make Your Peppermint armature
Start by cutting 2 circles out of cardboard and placing your tuna cans in between for even width. Tape this together and cover with a plastic bag.
Make your candy as large as you like, the bigger the better.
2. Cover with 4 layers of paper mache strips.
The recipe is on the website; follow the instructions to cover your peppermint armature.
Let these 4 layers completely dry before you cover with an additional 10 layers of newspaper strips. The more newspaper layers you cover your armature with the stronger your candy armature will become.
Let your paper mache completely dry before you dare put any paint on your candy.
outline candy3. Lightly sand your candy armature before painting a primer coat of paint on your peppermint. Priming your armature will make a nice surface for painting but you don't have to prime your candy before painting.
You use acrylic paint to paint your peppermint. You can pick these up at any craft store or online, use my links to help support my free how to videos.
4. Paint your peppermint any acrylic color you want, I think one in every color would be awesome.
painting candyReady to wrap your peppermint in the clear basket bags, tie the ends and you're done. They are sweet.
Thank you for stopping by the studio today I enjoy our visit, let this just spark some creativity in you and add your own little touch. I can't wait to see your decorated houses during the holidays or anytime of the year.
Have a great day.
"We create like our Creator."
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