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Learn to Make A Long Stemmed Tissue Flowers

Easy Tissue Flowers

tissueThese beautiful flowers can be use to decorate a room, fill a vase or adorn a gift package this Mother's Day.
These flowers are really inexpensive and fun to make with your friends.
Things You Need
Tissue paper
Floral Wire (Twist ties)
Floral Tape
Stick for the stem

fold tissueYour Tissue Flower Steps

tep 1
Most Tissue Paper in the States comes rectangular in size so depending on the size you want your flower you will cut your tissue in half or in quarters. My Tissue sheet size is 20 x 6 inches. You can use any paper size in a similar ratio, basically you want to start with a tissue rectangle.
You will need 6 to 8 single sheets of tissue paper and lay them on top of one another. For fuller flowers use more tissue paper or you can use less tissue.
tep 2
fan flowerFold your tissue paper like an accordion fold. The first fold should be around 1 to 1.5 inches (1.5 cm) wide.
You will continue folding until you reach the end of your tissue paper.
tep 3
Tie your flower wire (twist ties) into the middle of your paper, fold your paper in half and slide your sting around so it is centered.
You can cut the ends of your paper into a petal shape or leave straight. Both effects look great.   
tep 4
floral tapeAttach your stem to your flower by your floral wire and floral tape. The green is ideal for the stem color and the wire gives enough strength to hold the two.
Twist the floral tape around the stick and the wire. As you pull the tape it will become sticky, put extra tape around the wire and then keeping wrapping until you get to the end.
tep 5
Hold your flower in one hand and fan open one side. Carefully fold each tissue layer out until all your sheets are pulled apart.
After you pull each layer up you will have your flower on a stem.
tissue flower in vaseUse these pretty flowers for arrangements, decorations, or my favorite is to leave the stem off and use them to decorate my presents. Just wrap a string around the center to hold it together.
I hope these helps with your decorating. Have a great day and thank you for stopping by the whimsy-iest studio on the internet.
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