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Easy Handmade Paper Bead Bracelet from Recyclables

Handmade Newspaper Beads


handmade beads on wristou will find there are lots of ways to make paper beads yet I believe this is one of the simplest. With this style you will get the look of a tubular bead, one that you can embellish and use to make all types of handmade jewelry.

Best of all it is fun, very inexpensive and so easy for all ages. So what are you waiting for start creating today?


Stuff You Need

varnish your beads with nail polishRecyclable Newspaper (gift wrap, magazine photos, or newspaper comics are ideal)


Glue stick or Glue

Drinking straws or bamboo skewer

Yarn, ribbon, or string

Clear (glitter) nail polish or varnish


How to Make Beads

1. Take one page of the newspaper and tear it in half. Take your half page and fold it in half, so that it is long and narrow. If you are using newspaper I suggest you trim one end down to the picture or words on the page.

Watch the video Made 4 YOU

2. I use a straw to roll my beads. Start by wrapping the paper around the straw, not so tight that it won't come loose. Then just roll the paper around the straw applying glue as you go. You can use Elmer's glue with a brush. (I watered down my glue just a bit.)

If you want thicker beads add MORE paper.

paint your beads3. While your newspaper is still wet from glue pull it off the straw and cut off each end to square them up. Now cut your rolled paper to the size you like, reshape them by pinching them open. Now just them in the window and let them dry.

You can paint the bead ends any color you like or leave them natural. Embellish them all over if you wish.

4. Once your beads are completely dry coat them with clear nail polish or varnish and let them completely dry. They have clear nail polish with glitter and that also looks great on your beads.

Yippee Artsy Folks

bead materialsYou can use them to make bracelets, pins, or necklaces.  Basically any handmade piece of jewelry you desire. I have found that girls love to receive them as small gifts of love.

What great time we've had at the studio today, I hate to see our time come to a close but it must. Come back next week to spend more time creating art and memories together.

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Keep Creating

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