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How You Can Make Glow Stick Fairies

glitter 1You guys will want to see my experiment with glow sticks and glitter. I saw this cute little project on pinterest one night and the rest is history.
You will need a recyclable jar; I preferred using a small jar to start. I purchased one glow stick and used some white glitter that I had on hand. Just normal craft glitter.
glow stick fairiesYour Supplies:
Glow Stick
Utility Knife or Scissors
Recyclable Jar
Small Fairies

glitter and glow stick projectYou use scissors or a utility knife to open up the glow stick and poured all the contents into my empty jar. If you get some on your hand no worries, just clean them and move.

You will then pour about 2 tablespoons of glitter into your jar and shake well. Shake it up baby and do the wrists twist.

Glow Sticks and Glitter Fun
Now your fairies will begin to appear, turn off all the lights and enjoy the warm glow of your captured fairies.
I hope that you enjoyed this experiment, please share your fairies with the Facebook studio friends.
As always thank you for stopping by the studio and choose to have an amazing day.

glow stick fairies Benefits to you:
Recyclable Fun
You get to use Glitter
Your children will love it
Homemade night light
Sparks imagination

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