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How 2 Make Paper Mache Easter Eggs

Paper mache Eggs easter eggs with fabric



 can't believe that it is Easter already; it seems that I was packing Christmas away just the other day. Guess not. Easter is a beautiful time of the year; my tulips should be in full bloom and iris too.


We remember countless Easter eggs hunts throughout our house with our daughter. She absolutely loved searching for those plastic eggs and she always wanted a chance to hide them from me. Hiding the eggs are wonderful memories of her childhood that still warm my heart today.


Anyway, you too can make these simple eggs to share with your family and create lasting memories.


How 2 Make Your Egg


easter eggs finished1. Blow up a balloon or use crumpled up newspaper stuffed in a plastic bag.


2. Wrap your egg armature with 4 layers of news strips and let this completely dry. You can continue using paper mache strips (8 to 10 more layers) or you can use the paper mache clay recipe and cover your egg about 1/4" thick. You will let either completely dry.


Quick Link to Paper Mache Paste Recipe and Clay Recipe


3. Now sand done your egg and cover with a primer coat of paint.


4. You are now ready to paint your Easter eggs anyway that you like.



If you have not watched the video do so now for decorating ideals. Please give the video thumbs up before you leave and I would love to see your paper mache eggs. You can run over to our Facebook studio and post your pictures. https://www.facebook.com/WhimsyArtist


I made this video just for youeaster egg

I anticipate this video and article has help to get your creative juices flowing for this coming Easter.

We would like to with you and your family a Wonderful Easter this year and always thank you for stopping by the whimsy-iest studio on the internet.

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