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Make A Collage Masterpiece With Me

Easy Collage Masterpiece for Everyone

cover shot 1Ok, this is truly some fun and anyone can have a masterpiece in no time at all. Grab these few things to get started.

What You Will Use:


    Old magazines

    Mod Podge

    Acrylic craft paint Stain (optional)



glue paper downRipe some of your magazine pages into little and big pieces and begin gluing them to your blank canvas. There is no wrong or right so just have some fun.


Oh, do try and keep the glue off of the top of the ripped mag pages if you don't want a crackle effect when you paint.


Watch the video for a full demonstration.

Pick a template that you like a lot and trace it out onto your canvas. Paint around your template and watch as your mag colors begin to pop out. You could stop here they look great or you can move along to the next.

draw stencilNext light sand down your canvas exposing a little of the color underneath.

You can brush on some stain and quickly wiped it off. I then added a little watered down color to the canvas.

I believe you are getting the ideal. The main goal is to some fun while you are creating.

You can visit this awesome blog, http://www.crapivemade.com for more detailed written directions.

Great to see you at the studio, we look forward to seeing you again real soon.

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