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How 2 Make a Dog Bone Frame

Easy Dog Bone Frame

coverThis little craft for dog lovers is so easy; your husbands will want to make one too. You will need very little to accomplish this stylish frame that would cost you $30.00 at a boutique.
I paid a dollar for a box of dog bones, which would make several frames. You can pick up a cheap frame at a yard sale, frameless, wood, or metal I believe will work. I grab some acrylic paints and glitter from the studio. I used my hot glue gun but you could use some of the stronger glues, for example cement glue and that should hold your bones onto your frame.
gluing the bonesLastly you will need a can of clear varnish to seal your bones. The sealing is to prevent molding, so you can use gloss or stain, whichever you prefer.
Essentially, you could make this dog bone frame for under $5.00 for a really cute handmade Valentines gift. Please like the video before you leave.
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finished dog bone frameHave a great day and we will see you next time.
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