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Cool Permanent Marker Tie-Dye Workshop

Tie-Dye Workshop

We love tie dye for the rainbow of color that it brings. So grab one of those dingy shirts and lets start creating.

What You'll Need for this super cool tie dye workshop is right below.
Sharpie markers (any permanent marker)
tie dye materials100% white cotton t-shirts, socks, washcloths, etc
rubber bands
a recycled veggie can
Isopropyl alcohol (Walmart, Target, etc…)

Easy Tie Dye Steps

Guys this is so easy for almost any age and is much quicker than regular tie-dye. Open the window and pull up your chairs.
1. Place your can fabric over your can and position the top where you'd like the dye to go.
2. Secure it with a rubber band around the edge.
3. Work steady and have fun.  Using the sharpies, draw hearts, dots, lines, etc on the fabric. Fill your eyedropper with alcohol and begin dropping in the middle of the circle.
After your shirt is completely dry (alcohol is flammable, so don’t use heat on a damp shirt), set the colors by tumbling the shirt in a hot clothes dryer for ~15 minutes.

You can wear and wash your new shirt like other clothes now.

STUDIOI usually start with approx 10 - 15 drops and then see if it needs more. As the marker reacts to the alcohol, it begins to bleed or "dye". The colors will blend together and will dye up to the rubber band edge, best case scenario.
There is no wrong or right, so just have fun.

National Awareness Day (Be A Light)

January 11, 2013 was National Human Trafficking Awareness Day in the United States please join me in standing against this horrible, horrible crime. I thank you advance for your support.
BeCause over 27 million women and children are enslaved today. That's more than at any other point in history!
Together we can make a difference in a young girl or boy's life by "Overcome evil with Good." For more information read Romans 12:21.
our causeWe are the salt and the light of the world. God bless you in advance.
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