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How to Make a Paper Mache Church for Christmas Decorating

Super Easy Church Decoration for Christmas

churchI just know you will love this simple way to decorate around the house this Christmas year.

In the video I will show you how to complete the church and how it looks under my Christmas tree. You could also use your church to display Christmas cards that you receive this year.

To create your Paper Mache Church you will use the paper mache strip recipe which is fantastic easy.


How to Make Your Church Armature

cut windows out1. First we will make our armature by cutting up a recyclable box into the shape of a church. Cut the top long flaps off of your box, and use the long flaps to strengthen the floor of your church armature.

Cut the end flaps into a triangle. I double the strength of the end by cutting an extra box setting it behind the first, basically two walls (I hope that you understand what I mean).

If you would like to and steps to the front do so now.

Cut your windows out of the box.

Tips: Always point the blade of your knife away from you to cut.

cut a roof2. Apply 3 to 4 layers of your newspaper strips all over your church armature. You could add extra around the windows. Let this completely dry, usually takes 24 hours or overnight.


3. Sand your armature down nice and smooth. Add a primer coat of white acrylic or gesso. I used white latex for mine and it seems to work fine. Sand again if needed after your primer dries.

painting church4. Add your color. To start I painted my church solid white and added a little color for the roof. Then I added snow to my roof, and touched up all around on the church.

You can use poly acrylic varnish and let this completely dry. (Minwax Polycrylic) I didn't seal my church.

The varnish will protect your church over the years. These are really easy and elegant church decorations for your home.

finished church 2I added lights to the church and it looked really pretty. I added cards and liked that too, I am not sure how I will use my little church but I certainly enjoyed making it.

Thank you for watching the video, I do hope that you enjoy your church and please share your pictures with our Studio.

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Wishing You a Merry Christmas

Learn about the Meaning of Christmas, The Birth of Jesus.

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