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Best Sellers for Kindle Art Books

Art Best Sellers for Your Kindle

Amazon is great for Art Books and here is the top 10 for November.

Let us start with the top 10 FREE Kindle books which are, drum roll please. Click on the book of your choice to receive your free Kindle from me.

10. The French Impressionists (1860-1900) by Author Camille Mauclair.


Your Kindle Price $0.00 and this includes free wireless delivery via Amazon Whispernet. You Save $9.99 by picking this up now.


"I was disappointed to find out that this "free" version does not contain any images. I wouldn't have minded that they would have been in black and white, but there are none at all. I think I'll enjoy though, the details and history of the French Impressionists in the book."


9. Modern Painters, Volume 2 (of 5) written by John Ruskin. You Save $23.99.


There were no current reviews of this Kindles, it will be it to you to let us know how this reads. I do have one and hope to read it this coming week, besides it is free. Also John Ruskin has several Kindle books available through Amazon you many be interested in, you can pick up Volume 1 of this book also for free. Modern Painters, Volume 1 (of 5)


8. The Florentine Painters of the Renaissance With An Index To Their Works; Author Bernard Berenson. Save yourself money on me.


"This book is well written and gives information about some of the best and most famous artist who ever lived, for example: Leonarde da Vinci, Michelangelo, Giotti, Ridolpho Ghirlandajo, Fra Filippo Lippi, and more. I recommend this book to anyone who is interested in art history."


7. Art Up (The Rebirth of a Dying Industry) by Author Donny "Goines" Scott. This Kindle has no reviews and cannot tell you any more about it than it is free right now at Amazon.com. Art Up (The Rebirth of a Dying Industry)


6. A Text-Book of the History of Painting by Author John Charles Van Dyke. Van Dyke has several other books available at Amazon some free and some not free.


"This book was first published in 1894, but this edition was first published in 1909, it is now in the public domain. The author was professor of the History of Art in Rutgers College at the time he wrote this. This Kindle version has no pictures in it, there is a free e-book version available with many pictures in it on the internet (but that one needs a lot of memory space: 5.1 MB, without pictures just 377 kB)."


5. Leonardo da Vinci A Psychosexual Study of an Infantile Reminiscence author is

Sigmund Freud, A. A. (Abraham Arden) Brill is the Translator.


"Love him or hate you can't deny the influence of Sigmund Freud. Love him or hate him you can't deny that he'll get the mental juices flowing, especially with this essay. If you want food for thought and an interesting biography on Da Vinci this is a wonderful, thought provoking resource. It is not only an interesting psychological case study but a pretty decent biography too."


4. THE JYNX; Author Kenneth C. Crowe. This kindle read has 20 reviews all high stars, must be good and it is free saving you $9.99.


“I found the story compelling from the start - the writer really takes you into the chosen life of the main character, Billy. ”

J. L. Smith  |  8 reviewers made a similar statement

“It's an adventure of which I want to read more. ”

carol hattler  |  1 reviewer made a similar statement

“I look forward to reading the completed novel! ”

Marcia L. Pickands  |  1 reviewer made a similar statement

3. Thoughts on Art and Life; Author Leonardo da Vinci. You can save a wow $26.95 right now on this read.


"Who isn't impressed with the life and accomplishments of the great Leonardo Davinci?? This book is filled with his words, which is enough by itself to make the work interesting. His knowledge of so many things was very impressive, especially considering the time he lived."



2. Zen Culture by Thomas Hoover. Grab it while it is free at Amazon. Zen Culture


"The book basically talks about the philosophy of Zen, and how that philosophy expresses itself through art forms such as painting, poetry, and exterior/interior design in Japanese culture. The emphasis is on Zen philosophy, though. The author also touches on the history of Zen."


1. Pictures Every Child Should Know A Selection of the World's Art Masterpieces for Young People by Mary Schell Hoke Bacon.


"This book is excellent, but the kindle version is flawed. The author tells her readers that she is presenting a selection of the world's art masterpieces for the enjoyment and education of children. She introduces her book with a history of art. This history includes some quaint ideas such as that some art pieces reveal that men in some ancient cultures wore their beards in bags, covering them as they cover their body with clothes. She also describes art in different cultures."


There you have it, Novembers' top 10 Kindle Books at Amazon. Free for your Kindles or your computer. I hope this leg work helps you out this month. Please use my links to do all your black Friday Shopping.


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