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How 2 Make Really Cool Buttons

Buttons from tree branches

buttonsCreating your own big buttons is so awesome and comes with total design control.
Here Is What You Need:
Fallen Tree Branch
Drill with a 1/4 inch drill bit
Sand Paper
Poly Acrylic Varnish or Paint

Make A Button for Everything

cutting disc for buttonsI love the way these buttons turned out! Simply use a hand saw or miter box to cut a 1/4" disc from a tree branch, drill holes, sand all the roughness out, stain to your color taste or leave natural, and finally protect with a varnish.
I totally leave the natural bark around the button which gives it a one of a kind character.
painted buttonsThe buttons are easy to make and look beautiful on sweaters and much more.
If you prefer to save your time and energy I would love to see you wearing one of my handmade buttons.
Big Natural Handmade Buttons 4 Sale
$4.99 Large
$3.99 Small
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