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Making the Internet A Sweeter Place with Paper Mache

finished donutGood friends of ours opened a donut shop a couple of years ago in North Shore. North Shore is our little "So Ho" district.
Their sweet donut shop is Julie Darlings, and if you are in Chattanooga enjoy a delicious donut while picking up a whimsy donut ornament for your Christmas tree.

Enjoy the Sweet Life @ Whimsypapermache.com

This is a really quick and easy paper mache for everyone everywhere, I know that you can do this and art is good for your heart so start making those sweets with your kids, friends, and me the Whimsy Artist Charisse. Pinterest this article to win a donut ornament.

Pin this article 4 your chance to win a donut ornament.

How 2 Make Paper Mache Donut Ornaments

These are really sweet Christmas decorations that I know you will enjoy making, in fact it will be hard not to take a bite.
build armature donutHere is a quick list of the items you will need to create your donuts.
Recycled Newspaper
Paper Mache Past
Paint & Brushes
Ribbons and Hanger

Here are my suggested steps to you.
1. Make A Donut Armature
2. I cover my donut with 20 layers of strips.
icing donuts 23. I add a hanger or simply tie a beautiful ribbon around the donut to hang on your Christmas tree.
4. Paint your donut delicious and let them dry completely.
I first painted a white primer coat of gesso onto my donuts. If I were not selling my in the art district I would use white acrylic paint to prime my donut armature.
I mixed yellow, brown, and white to create my base color, I applied this and let it dry. Next is our icing and you will enjoy decorating your donuts; I love the pink and chocolate the most.
add ribbonsWhen decorating the donuts is finished and allowed time to dry, you are ready to seal for protection.
5. I brush on Minwax poly acrylic varnish to protect the donut; which I pick up from Wal-Mart for under $10. I brush this only to prevent any varnish running down the side of my donut and to avoid the look of a spray.

Sweet Paper Mache Ornments

donut ornmentsYou can complete your sweets with mixed matched ribbon or fabric left over from one of our excited sew projects, as you can see here in the photos the ribbon and fabric add a touch of whimsy.
Share your creativity on our Facebook page and share a photo of your donuts.
I love Donuts
Better yet pinterest this article to be entered into our Christmas drawing for a one of kind donut from me the Whimsy Artist Charisse. The drawing will be announced December 1, 2012 and mailed thereafter to the winner of our Paper Mache Donut Ornament.  
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donut cover artThank you for the virtual support of our whimsical art studio, I look forward to seeing you again soon.
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