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How 2 Make a Big Shoulder Bag

bagI have been working from Simplicity Pattern 4117, it has 7 great patterns for bags and in this video we will put together Bag D.
If you don't have this pattern you can make your own using my video as reference.

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Cool Big Shoulder Bag

Creating your own bag is gratifying and this bag is really easy to make; all my girlfriends seem to love them. So grab some cool fab and let's get started with your fashionable shoulder bag.bag 1
What You Need:
Handmade Pattern or Simplicity Pattern # 4117
1 1/8 yards 45" wide for bag
1 1/8 yards 45" wide for lining
1 1/8 yards 36" wide of interfacing
Thread & Needle
Sewing Machine Optional

Make A Bag
lined pocketMake a bag pattern or purchase one from Simplicity or McCall's, etc…  I will be showing you how to use Simplicity 4117 to make Bag D in this short video.
1ST Pre Shrink Your Fabric by Washing
Use pattern piece 3 for your shoulder bag.
First cut out your pattern and lay it down printed side up on your fabric. Your fabric should be cut on single thickness for the bag and the lining, with printed side up. You will follow the same layout for all three pieces.
1. Bag
2. Lining
3. Interfacing

Sewing Directions Made Easy

1. Wash and Iron your fabric. Cut out your pattern piece and make all your markings.
2. Apply your light weight interfacing to the wrong side of your bag. You can iron this on usually but follow the manufactures directions.

sew seamThe pattern calls for appliqué fabric which I will not be demonstrating in this video, please refer to your pattern directions.

3.  With the right sides together you will sew up the side of your bag and the lower edges of your bag.

4. You will take and do the same for the lining but leave a small opening on the bottom.  
This will be for turning your bag once we are ready.

You're doing great.

5. Place the right side of the lining and the bag together matching seams and having raw edges together.

bag 2Stitch the upper edges of the handles as shown in the video and clip curves and trim seam and corners.

bag 46. Turn your bag right side out through your opening in the lining. Slip stitch this close and push lining in the bag.

Sewing Top Edge of Bag
Simplicity Pattern 4117 is an awesome pattern for beginners wanting to learn to sew. It is not too hard and you will have success within an hour's time.
You can add accessories to your bag such as buttons and bows for a trendy look.
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