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How 2 Make A Whimsy Pup With Paper Mache

Paper Mache Clay Pup

pupTo create your whimsy pup you can use the paper mache strip recipe or the paper mache clay recipe, it is totally up to you. I use both methods to sculpt and shape my little puppy, usually the ears all left in paper strips and the body mostly clay.
In the video I use homemade paper mache clay to finish my pup and I explain how to finish only using the paper strips and paste.
It's pretty easy, I believe it is something that you all can do and enjoy.
You could add accessories to your pup like a collars, tags, pocket watch or glasses; I hope to get your creative juices flowing.

It's Puppy Love
Your Material List
Recycled newspaper & cardboard
Plastic bag
Paper Mache Paste
Paper Mache Clay
Acrylic paints, brushes
And a Smile

How 2 Make Your Pup Armature

highlight eyes1. Make your armature by wading up newspaper into a ball, the ball will be the body of your pup, so make this any size you would like. Take your ball and place it into a plastic bag, cutting off the extra bag, and leaving you with a round ball.
Just A Note: Watching the video will explain everything.

2. Cut your pup ears, and feet out of a recycled cereal box and tape in place onto your pup armature.  (You can also form them from your clay.)
3. Apply 3 layers of your newspaper strips with your mache paste all over your pup and let this completely dry. This step is not necessary if you wish to skip it and move to cover your armature with clay.

Placing it in the oven on very low heat will speed up your dry time and it is perfectly safe but do not leave it unattended.
ingredients for paper mache paste2 Strip or Paper Mache Clay
4. Now you can cover your armature in paper mache clay, about 1/4 inch thick all over except for his ears. If you wish your pup to look like mine, you will cover the ears in 10 layers of paper mache strips.
Or option 2 is to cover with 15 to 20 layers of recycled newsprint and let this completely dry.
Both recipe links are at the top of the article or in the side bar.
5. Sand your Pup down so he or she is nice and smooth. Add a primer coat of white acrylic or gesso. Sand again if needed at this stage.
6. Add your color to your pup and let it all dry again. I use acrylic paints and brushes to create my whimsy pup. They would look cute painted bright colors as well as the traditional colors you see on my sculpture.
paper mache pup paws painted7. Cover the entire pup with poly acrylic varnish and let this completely dry. I use Minwax Polycrylic to seal and give my pup a beautiful shine. This seal is not meant to water proof your piece, your pup is an inside pup and loves to be enjoyed by his family.

Your Finished Whimsy Pup

The pups are really cute and simple to make, you could personalize your awesome Pup by adding a collar and tag with your pet's name. You are going to enjoy seeing your whimsy pups come together. Best of all they don't require a lot of fuss and they are completely house broken.
If you have any questions or suggestions the best place to throw those ideals around is at our Facebook community or studio blog.
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Have a great day, smiles to you and keep creating.
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