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Slurry the TP for Your Homemade Paper Clay





Best Patch of Clay I Ever Made


TP Slurry Is the Way

Most recently I was given the incentive to slurry my toilet paper instead of painfully tearing the paper apart into tiny little pieces.

Comment on YouTube:

"Instead of tearing apart the toilet paper, have you considered putting it in a blender and creating slurry? I wonder what would happen?" drtripe

My Response was: "I have been concerned that the paper would dull my blender and disturb the family.

My daughter and husband would flip out if they thought TP slurry had been made right before their homemade milkshake. LOL

I need to find a cheap yard sale blender for the studio. Thank you for your post, I really don't like the time involved ripping my TP."

How 2 Slurry TP for Paper Clay Recipe

Without further delay, it worked beautiful and I will no longer spend time tearing up my tp by hand.

Do try this TP slurry trick for you clay recipe.

1. Continue to soak your newspaper to release their fibers.

2. Place in the blender without wringing out the water. Add water to help blend.

3. Drain all the water from your TP Slurry and use in paper mache clay recipe as usual.

Here is a link to the Paper Mache Clay Recipe

Thanks so much for pushing me forward. I must say that my family did tell me I needed to add a blender to the studio.

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