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The Landscape Painter's Essential Handbook

How to Paint 50 Beautiful Landscapes in Watercolor on Kindle

I am sharing this Kindle from Amazon with you because for Prime members it is FREE to read right now. I am checking it out this weekend.

Features concise exploration of essential watercolour techniques through exercises, step demonstrations and beautiful finished paintings.

This unique artist's reference offers easy-to-follow, ingenious ideas and techniques for painting 50 popular landscapes in watercolor.
Written by Joe Francis Dowden.
The 50 landscapes range from a gentle flower-filled meadow and hazy summer mountains to a dramatic cliff scene and rippling stream in sunshine. Each landscape is explored through exercises, step-by-step sequences and easy-to-follow instructions.

Readers will learn the principle and technique, and then move on to the watercolor painting exercise. A comprehensive introductory section covers basic materials, techniques and colors, making this an indispensable reference for all artists.

What Others Are Saying
“I appreciate this book because it breaks everything down for the beginning watercolorist. The sample landscapes cover a wide range of types of vegetation, weather, and local. The vivid colors are especially striking. Because the steps are manageable, I'm less afraid to try them. In painting the key is often to simplify, and this book is helping me do that more effectively. There are very few of the samples that I don't like well enough to try to paint myself.”
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