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Homemade Sewing Kit in a Recycled Jar

Homemade Sew Kits 4 Cute Gifts

handmadeTurn basic sewing supplies and a recycled baby jar into a cute sewing kit that is perfect for that Mother's Day, craft parties favors, or the daughter that is about to venture off on their own. 

Best of all this is a no sew project, yet it has everything to do with sewing. I love that.

things neededYou Will Need:




Hot Glue


Jar Fillers


How 2 Make Your Sew Kit

glue stuffingFirst you will cut a circle out of the fabric larger than you lid. Give yourself plenty of extra for covering the stuffing and the side of the lid.

Hot glue or Elmer's glue stuffing to the top of the lid, this will be the cushion for your pins. Keep the glue off the inside of the lid or it will not close easily for you.

Lay your lid with stuffing facing down onto of your fabric (print facing down) and give the side of the lid a bead of glue. Press the fabric onto the side of the lid, pressing to make sure it stays.

glue fabricCut any extra fabric hanging longer than the lid.

Add a bead of hot glue round the fabric and tie a cute little bow.

Now fill your jar with sewing must haves.

If you don't have any baby food jars, I use garlic, mayo, anything that comes in glass from the grocery store will work fine.

Art Wrap Up

sew kitI really enjoy this little homemade sew kit for wedding shower gifts. I hope that you enjoy this as well, take care and thank you for stopping by the whimsy's studio on the internet.

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