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Easy Paper Mache Dog Bone Ornament

Easy Paper Mache Dog Bone Ornament
dog thingsIt's a dog's life, enjoy it while you can. This is a really cute paper mache dog bone for all the dog lovers in your life.
I know I say Ornament but these Dog Bones look cute on or off the Christmas tree and they make cute handmade gifts all year round.

Paper Mache Dog Bones

Before you begin your paper mache bone watch the "How 2 Youtube video" showing you how 2create the Dog Bone you see here. This is super easy first piece, and one that everyone can enjoy.
Here is a quick list of materials.
Empty Toilet Paper (TP) Rolls
Recycled Newspaper
Masking Tape
Plastic bags
Paints and Paint Brushes
Poly acrylic Varnish
H20 and Rags

1 Creating Your Armature
Let's Get Started
armatureFirst put 2 TP rolls together and stuff with newspaper to make it stronger.
By crumpling up newspaper make 4 round balls. Tape 2 balls to each end of your TP roll, creating your bone armature.
Just work the newspaper and add lots of tape for a smooth surface to apply your strips.
2 PaPer MaChe Your Bone Armature
cartoonsNow you are ready to cover your armature with paper mache strips dipped in our homemade paper mache paste. You will need to apply four layers of newspaper strips over the armature. After applying the strips you will set your armature aside and let it dry over night. We will be applying many more layers in the morning.
You'll love them for their simplicity and organic look.
I would add 20 or more layers to the armature for an unbreakable dog bone. All the paper strips must completely dry, I'll say it again, completely dry before applying any primer.
Drying all those layers of newsprint strips will probably take more than 24 hours, just depends on your weather outside.
sand bone3 Sanding and Priming Your Bone

Lightly sand your bone and then wipe it clean with a dry rag.
Oh, I should say here to work outside or in a ventilated room if you do much sanding on your paper mache armature. Just remember safety first in all you do.

Bone Finishing Touches

4 Painting and Varnishing Your Dog Bone
Really Cute Handmade Gift
I choose to add a final layer of newspaper strips of the Sunday Funnies; I love the Funnies and make an effort to strip everything at least once in them. It's just 2 funny.
Of, course paint you can paint your dog bone and that would be lovely.
I like to prime all pieces before adding acrylic paints. So you are going to paint gesso all over the bone, front and back letting the Gesso primer dry completely.
 You may need to lightly sand your bone again after your primer dries.
After it is dry you will now add the finishing protective coat of Poly Acrylic Varnish. You can pick up Poly Acrylic in gloss or satin finish.
I sprayed two layers of gloss varnish on my bone and rushed the dry time in front of the fan.
Last Step Is Sharing Your Big Dog Bone
There are a couple of ways that you can share your Dog Bone. The very best way to share is posting a picture at WhimsyPaperMache on Facebook, where we send virtual hugs.  Post Dog Bone Here
Dog's Are People 2!dog things
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Art Wrap Up
If you have any questions or comments concerning the steps I used to create the cute little bone, post them on our Facebook page and I will gladly give it a try.
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Click on the photo above to purchase a unique dog bone for Christmas.
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