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3 Smart Handmade Gift Ideals that Rock

3 Easy Wearable Rock Ideals   

finished rocksYou can find the rocks used in the video at any river bed, use any rock around you by painting it any colors you like.

UpCycle Your Jewelry

I love the natural beauty of river rocks and currently I spent some time with my husband and teen at the river and picked up these cool rocks to make a few things for you.

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How 2 Make Rock Jewelry

Nemo Rock Pin

1. Find and clean a very small and thin river rock.

2. Paint the base orange, let it dry and then glue pin backing to the upper part of your river rock.

3. Add the finishing touches to Nemo creating his clown fish lines. Spray with seal to add a glossy shine.


Rock Hair Barrette

For making the barrette I suggest the super thin flat river rocks.

1. Clean the Rocks.

2. Spray Gloss all over the River Rock to enhance its natural beauty.

3. Hot Glue (super) the rocks to the barrette back.


Rock Necklace

1. Clean the rock you choose, and spray with a high gloss seal to bring out it natural beauty.

2. Recycle copper wire, ribbon or wrap with thread, and of these things I believe could hold your rock pendent. You can it the back with cement glue or a hot glue gun for extra hold.

3. Place a ribbon in your lope and wear your wear rock art.

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