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How to Paint Rocks Into Cute Lady Bugs

Paint A Lady Bug for Mother's Day

painted lady bugsWelcome to the whimsy's studio on the internet in this video I will walk you through taking an natural smooth rock and paint it to look like a sweet little lady bug.
Painting lady bug rocks are easy and super cute project that you and your kids can do in day.

Pick a smooth round or oval rock and scrub it clean
To Paint a base coat, use acrylic black and paint the bottom and let that dry. Paint most of the top and leave a big circle in the middle unpainted for a different color.
I chose a soft yellow for my wigs, and gave it 2 coats for good coverage.
Really you can just paint anything onto of your lady bug wings. We started with traditional spots and added some bling. The glitter paint looks great for bug antennas.
I have painted so many varieties and they are all so cute. My little nieces loved them when they were younger and even today my teen daughter painted the red lady bug in the video.
Remember to rinse your brush after each color; paint will make your brush yucky.
All the paint that I use on the rock is acrylic and I seal the lady bug with a clear gloss acrylic varnish. These lady bugs are best kept inside, they are beautiful setting around in any room.
And the most important thing to remember is you can't ruin a rock, just wipe it clean and start fresh.
Your lady bug rock would make a great gift for Mother's day which is right around the corner. Don't leave Dad out; use a really small rock to make a lady bug tie tack for Father's Day this year.
Inexpensive Handmade Gift Ideal
Show me all those whimsical rocks you guys are painting and keep practicing. Thanks for dropping in the whimsy's studio on the internet.
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