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The Beautiful Art Work of Artist Analia Roitman

Arena de Mar  Sea SandAnalia is a brilliant artist and Veterinary living in beautiful Buenos Aires. Analia is an advent horse lover and her passion shows through her paintings and sculptures.
We are honored to feature Analia as our Artist of the month. I personally love how she has captured the essence of each of her subjects.
I asked Analia what her goal was when painting and she replied:
" I really try to convey the profound beauty of the horses and the deep love I feel for them."

You are welcome to contact Artist Analia directly at afdorman@hotmail.com for Commission art work and prices on each Painting displayed here on our site.
Thank you very much Analia for sharing your Art with our Community of Friends.
Oscuridad  DarknessOscuridad / Darkness 40cm x 50cm Oil on hardboard
Lazos Bonds of love
Lazos /Bonds of love 65cm x 85cm Oil on canvas
Lusitano LusitanianLusitano /Lusitanian 40cm x 60cm Oil on canvas, sold
Retrato 40Retrato / Portrait 40cm x 60cm  Oil on canvas
Arena de Mar  Sea SandArena de Mar / Sea Sand 40cm x 60 cm Acrylic on canvas
A lifetime togetherToda una vida Juntas / A lifetime together.. 50cm x 70cm Oil on canvas , in  process
Retraro / Portrait 35cm x 50cm Oil on hardboard.         
Inseparables por siempre /Forver together , 50cm- Oil on canvas, sold
My Beloved QuimeyMi querida Quimey / My Beloved Quimey, 50cm- Oil on canvas.
Boceto /Sketch 60cm x 80 cm- chalk on paper.
I accept challengesAcepto desafios / I accept challenges 40cm x 60 cm - Oil on canvas
With her foal under the blue skyCon su potrillo bajo el cielo azul/ With her foal under the blue sky, 60cm x 80 cm - oil on canvas
Little frogRanita /Little frog , 35cm x 50 xm - oil on canvas , sold

Thank you for visiting, if you are interested in these paintings email the artist directly at afdorman@hotmail.com.
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