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How To Make A Super Easy Rag Doll Apron

Super Easy Shabby Chic Doll Apron

rag doll with apronThe little aprons that accessorize my rag dolls are super easy and add color, personality, and uniqueness to each rag doll.
I keep all my scrap fabric when making anything to have plenty of choices for cute little rag style aprons for dolls or anything else.
Recycling Scrap Fabric Is So Green
Here are the items you will need to round up before starting.
1. Scrapes of fabric
2. Scissors
3. Thread and Needle
4. Ribbon
5. Sewing Machine Optional

I have provided my rag doll pattern FREE for you get it at; How To Make A Handmade Rag Doll.

Easy Steps to Apron

apron scraps1. Gather all materials needed.
2. Cut scrap fabric into strips, has many as you would like. The more you add the fuller your apron will be.
I cut my scrap fabric into strips ranging from 1" to 2" in width, I cut the length after the apron is sewn together and it varies each apron.
3. Cut a long piece of ribbon to stitch your strips onto. Make sure that you leave yourself enough to tie into a cute bow in the back.
apron 2Hand stitch your fabric strips onto the ribbon. This step will keep the strips from moving on you as you sew it on your machine.
You have a choice to either hand stitch your strips onto your base ribbon or stitch with your machine. If you hand stitch your apron double up on the thread for a secure stitch and make your stitches small.
If you want to use your machine move on to step 4.
sew apron4. Sew your apron with your machine for a secure stitch.
Great job, you have finished your Rag doll apron and now you're ready to accessorize your doll. I find that my dolls look better with their aprons, especially with the style of body that I give my dolls.
We would love to see your new aprons and hear your comments, if you have anything tips or tricks to add please speak your mind below or Facebook WhimsyArtist.
apron done
Thanks for hanging out at the studio today, see you soon.
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