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Super Easy Homemade Gesso Recipe

Homemade Gesso Recipe

Just a few homemade Gesso Recipes that I have tried and tested. I would love for you to add your gesso recipe here for us.

Gesso Recipes 1

I make my gesso using about 3 parts joint compound, 1 part Elmer’s Glue-All, and some white acrylic paint for a fastidious and white gesso. You can apply a coat of this gesso, sand it or use a lightly damp sponge to smooth it out.
This recipe works will great with the paper mache sculpting that I do, I need a thick cover most of the time. I just keep adding layers until I have want I want.
Carpenter's glue will not work, I've tried.

Gesso Recipes 2

I've made it with left over latex paint, drywall powder and water or glue. Whatever I had on hand. I was experimenting - so can't speak to longevity. Although it hasn't chip off in the 6 years I have had the piece.
If you are in a bind, it does work and this does NOT take forever to dry.
Hope this helps you in your art today.
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