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2 Secrets to Promote Your Art Work Online In a Web Of Creativity

Promote Your Art Work Online In a Web Of CreativityToday with the internet it is easy to promote and sell your art work online. You begin by creating your web presence, and to do this you will need a blogging website. There are millions of blogs, in all shapes and sizes, and price tags. If your just starting out, know nothing about blogging and you have a zero spending budget this video/article is for you.
I started my online presence just a little over three years ago, and I am going to share how, and where I started at no cost to myself.


Zero Spending Budget for Extreme Artist

1st Secret First you will Sign up for a free blogger account and with this account you are given so many user friendly tools it is easy to design a unique looking blog. You are given step by step on screen instructions for designing your entire blog.
Zero Spending Budget for Extreme ArtistYou make choices with an easy select and click method with your mouse, with drag and drop page elements. There are numerous YouTube tutorials to help you after your blog is up and running and a help button on every page. Uploading your photos is simple and you can do it straight from you smart phone.
The blog you create will be where you show off all your new oil or acrylic paintings, photography, sculptures, stencil art, whatever your Art passion is. Your blog is your virtual studio that allow visitors to get to know you and your art in a big way.
Now, the important choice is the name of your site. Write down a list of everything related to your art medium, make catchy phrases out of some of your words, or perhaps use your name. Choose a name that your current cliental recognizes as you, essentially you will be branding yourself and your artwork.
Don't let naming your site hold you up, I did not start out with whimsypapermache.com, it was colormecharisse.blogspot.com, I decided it was cheezy. Working within this free medium you have the luxury of testing what works best for you. Your blog will be a continual work in progress to achieve the success I know that you want.
Blogger is your online Canvas to stroke into a Masterpiece
2nd Secret Blogger sweetens the deal by allowing you to connect your site to YouTube the #1 searched site on the internet, depending on the month.
Youtube is an awesome free resource for artist all over the world. I frequently search there to discover new and better techniques that I use in my studio. The world is blessed with amazing talent and the world is waiting to be inspired by YOU. Visit WhimsyMacheGirl and Sign up for your free Youtube account and do what you do best, Create.
As an artist you have a choice to stop here with your free blogger account or continue to build your online presence. If you stop with your blog, you will slowing grow an online reputation causing Google to stop and take notice, and this is what you want. Google and your blog is a extensive topic which I will not be covering in this article, but remember this....
You find other ways to link to your site through these artist resources below, that are all free. Use all that you can such as twitter, it is a short line about your new blog content, like your title. There are many ways for you to engage your audience online and that my friend will come.
Just Do It

Creative Free Recourses for Artist Online

Promoting your aRt at absolutely no cost. It's all profit for you. Below are just a few choices out hundreds for you to use as free tools.
Okay, you are familiar with facebook, if not it is Free and user friendly to step up a personal page. From there you will step up a page to promote your blog site. Facebook Pages allows artists to showcase their work and interact with other friends and artist. These pages come pre-installed with custom functionality designed for each category. Some artist use this tool alone to promote their work. Join our Facebook page WhimsyArtist to keep intouch with our studio.

If you have not heard about twitter, then you need to get online more. LOL. At twitter you will tweet each new post you publish to your blog. Thus giving you another free outlet for promoting your art. Join me for little chirps whenever I post new art.
Sign up to sell your photography, you have choices and protection.

Signing up with Zazzle is Free and easy. They provide  tools that make it possible to sell your art on t-shirts, stamps, posters, mugs, business cards, shoes, skateboards, calendars, tote bags, hats, posters, and more.
Custom Wrapped Canvas
Squidoo Lens
Create a collection of things you love from the internet and share it with the Squidoo community and the web.

1 Last Secret to Tell

3rd Secret Not everyone will use these free resources.
Those artist's that get going today and start blogging their passion will be ahead of all their competition.
You have a website to start, go get started and post your new blog address on our facebook page so we can be inspired by your artwork.
Thank you for stopping by the studio today, if you found this article helpful give me a thumbs up below.
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