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Painting Whimsical Cloth Doll Faces Using Paints

How to Give Your Handmade Doll a Painted Face

PICT2241Painting on your doll face is a great place to add color, personality, and uniqueness to each rag doll that you make.

How 2 Paint Whimsy Doll Faces

You will need:
1. Muslin
2. Fabric Paint and paint brush
3. Scissors
4. Scrap Paper
5. Pencil

I have provided my rag doll pattern FREE for you get it at; How To Make A Handmade Rag Doll.

Easy Steps to Painting Doll Faces

You can watch as I paint a Whimsy face on a handmade rag doll on You Tube.
You can look through magazines and online for several examples of rag doll faces. I like to pencil out how I want my face to look on to paper before I ever start putting paint to my muslin cloth. I then lightly pencil on my eyes, nose, and lips.
1. Print pattern and cut 2 from muslin.
2. Lay a scrap piece of paper under the face to catch any paint that bleeds through.
3. Pencil on the eyes, nose, and lips.
4. Paint sweet rosy cheeks on your face. To do this I light red acrylic paint to blush color and dip my brush in water and take very little paint to the tip. I paint little circles and slowly darken if needed.
5. Paint on the eyes, nose, and lips. Use fabric paint so your little rag doll can be washed when needed.
If I am making the doll for a little girl I usually give the rag doll similar characteristics.
After you have painted your rag doll face just the way you want it set it aside to dry completely before assembling your rag doll.
If you are uncomfortable painting your dolls face use thread or buttons to create eyes, nose, and mouth. Depending on the age of the child that will be receiving the doll determines whether I use paints or other embellishments.
Learn how to put hair on that cute little doll face:

Help Me Help You

Like this article and download the FREE rag doll pattern. Enlarge your doll pattern to any size that you like, my dolls are 16“to 18“in length. Do Enjoy!
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