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Easy Steps to Making Rag Doll Hair

Using Yarn for Doll Hair

Using Yarn for Doll HairYarn is an easy and inexpensive way to give your handmade rag Doll a whimsy hairdo. I use the yarn to add color, personality, and uniqueness to each rag doll that I make.
With thousands of color selections and many different textures of yarn, you’re sure to find the perfect choice for your rag doll. Combine the different yarn colors and textures to make a truly unique head of hair. Novelty yarn is a wonderful choice; it has ribbon blended into the yarn for a whimsical hair do.
You can give your doll long or short hair, pig tails, bangs, braid it, and bundle it or just tie a ribbon around it. It’s all YOU, make it yours.
Mix it Up
This is quite easy, and doesn't take long at all; of course you can mix it up however you want.

How 2 Make Whimsy Doll Hair

Round Up these materials to begin:
1. Yarn in the desired hair color
2. Needle and thread (same color as the yarn)
3. Scissors
4. Rag doll
5. Scrap piece of muslin fabric and matching thread

I have provided my rag doll pattern FREE for you to make your rag doll; How To Make A Handmade Rag Doll.

Easy Steps to Making Rag Doll Hair

You can watch as I make Whimsy Doll Hair on You Tube.

1. Cut your muslin scrap; 1.5” wide and 6 to 7” long.

2. Zig Zag your yarn over the muslin.
In my video example I leave 4 to 5 inches for the bangs and the rest is for the hair length.

3. Secure the yarn to the muslin with loose thread; this is to hold your yarn in place so you can either hand stitch or machine stitch.

yarn hair4. Hand stitch the yarn to the muslin or use a machine.
To hand stitch use three to four strands of thread to thread your needle, giving you a strong hold to the muslin. Make sure that all your yarn is stitched to your muslin; personally I would do this twice.

It Sew Easy

Your handmade hair is ready to be hand stitched onto your rag doll’s head. Use the small color thread as your muslin and sew to seam on the rag dolls head.

After you have sown the hair on have some fun and give your rag doll a haircut to make her/his hair nice and even. You have to fray the yarn sometimes to make it look like fuller hair.
Wool yarn hair can dampen and mold into curls over night. Try rolling the strands around a tube of fitting size, and hold these curlers in place with pins.

Help Me Help You

To take advantage of the Free Rag Doll pattern, like this article and download the pattern. Enlarge your doll pattern to any size that you like, my dolls are 16“to 18“ long.
Find more step by step instructions for handmade doll ideals here at www.WhimsyPaperMace.com.
Thanks for stopping by and keep creating.
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