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How to Make a Dog Bed without a Sewing Machine

How to Make a Dog Bed without a Sewing Machine

You will not need a sewing machine or have any previous knowledge of making a dog bed to quickly complete this handmade dog bed.  
Materials needed for making this simple dog bed are:KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA
1.      Scissors
2.      Fleece Fabric
3.      Dog Bed Pattern (paper)
4.      Stuffing
5.      Sewing Pins (optional)
There are hundreds of fleece fabric choices on the market today and prices range from $1.99 to $20.00.  The cost for making your dog his own dog bed will depend on how much you spend on fleece fabric.

The stuffing will cost you around $3.00 at your local craft store or you can purchase at Amazon. For a small bed you will need only one bag. If you want a really full dog bed then you will need at least two bags of stuffing for a medium or large bed.

Making a Dog bed in Bite Size Chunks

All pictures and measures given in this example are for making a small dog bed.
KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERATo make the pattern get a large piece of white paper, measure 33 inches across and mark both edges. Draw a line to connect your marks.  
Place your ruler vertical on the line you just created, this will create a “t”.  The ruler should sit on 15.5 inches.  Mark the edge at 31 inches. 
Now, you should have one line 33 inches long and a line drawn 31 inches. Connect the marks giving you a slight oval shape dog bed pattern.
Cut out the pattern and lay pattern on fleece fabric. Use sewing pins to prevent slippage. Once the fabric is cut remove pattern. Cut to pieces of fleece by repeating the steps, one for the top and one for the bottom of your dog bed.
Lay the two pieces of fleece on top of each other, they should fit perfectly.
Around the edge of the fleece begin to cut straight lines every 1 inch apart, and 3 inches in length. Be sure to cut through both layers of fleece, this will create strips for tying knots.

Make a Dog Bed Without a Sewing Machine

Tie each of the cut strips into neat knots around the entire oval leaving about six untied. Stuff the dog bed with stuffing, filling it with as much stuffing as your dog likes.
Finish the bed off by tying the remaining strips into knots.
You have completed your homemade dog bed with ease.
Making a dog bed is something that can be shared with your children or grandchildren. They will be amazed how they can create a one of a kind homemade dog bed for their best friend.
The white paper can be substituted with newspaper print taped together to give you a large enough area.
If you do not have sewing pins, keep pattern flush on fabric and cut slowly around the oval. You should do fine.
Pick the same spot on your scissors to stop when cutting the 3 inch line to create the strips. This will ensure they are all cut at the same length.
If your dog starts to chew on your newly made dog bed, spray tart Apple vinegar on the spots he most likes to chew on.