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Chattanooga: Arts appreciation, Gallery Hop showcases artists, works - timesfreepress.com

In my earlier post topic on Yada Yada gallery I mentioned the Chattanooga Gallery Hop and recently I found this article on line and wanted to share it with you. If your community is not already participating look into sponsoring your own Gallery Hop they are awesome!

Chattanooga: Arts appreciation, Gallery Hop showcases artists, works - timesfreepress.com

Chattanooga: Arts appreciation, 
Gallery Hop showcases artists, works

Sunday, September 14, 2008
By Laura Galbraith, Staff Writer

Chattanooga’s art community was out in full force Saturday as over 20 galleries and studios held open houses during the annual Gallery Hop.
For many involved with local art galleries, this year’s Gallery Hop reaffirmed their belief in Chattanooga’s current artistic presence and its future potential.
“We have a really strong arts community that I think is really just kind of coming into its own,” said David Smotherman, the owner of Winder Binder Gallery of Folk Art on Frazier Avenue. “You hear a lot of people comment that Chattanooga kind of feels what Asheville (N.C.) was like 20 years ago when the art scene was just really beginning there.”

Winder Binder Gallery of Folk Art

Many attendees of the Gallery Hop also said they were impressed with the wide variety of artistic expression found in the Chattanooga area.

“I’m always amazed with the range of specific styles and talents (of the artists),” said Dr. J.J. Fahs, a self-proclaimed art appreciator. “And I guess even though we never come out (planning) to buy something, it’s always in the back of our minds.”

Dr. Fahs’ wife, Kim, said she especially likes going to the artists’ studios so that she can see where they produce their work.

“It gives you a better appreciation for all the steps that they go through,” Mrs. Fahs said.
The Gallery Hop is a way for local artists and gallery owners to showcase what Chattanooga’s artistic community has to offer in terms of originality and creativity.
“All the galleries kind of working together to pull off this day, it creates a real sense of community,” said local artist Doug McCay, whose work was displayed at the In-Town Gallery on Frazier Avenue.
Katie Shrum,17, an art student at Hilger Higher Learning, said she believes the Gallery Hop can bring more appreciation to local Chattanooga artists.
“It definitely needs more attention because there are so many amazing artists here, and they don’t get recognized the way they should,” she said.
Ms. Shrum also said she was impressed with the artwork she had seen during the Gallery Hop.
“Everything is beautiful,” she said. “I’d love to take most of it home.”
Most of the local artists participating in the Gallery Hop also were selling their works, some of which had a price tag of $4,000 or more. Many also answered questions from visitors about their work process and individual pieces.