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Unique Handmade Paper Mache Puppy

My family loves animals and have enjoyed many over the years, currently we house a motley crew of pets! My family life provides consistent inspiration and creating these little characters is pure pleasure, I hope he causes a smile.

I use a mixed media to accomplish the dog’s texture. Paper strips were used for his ears and tail, and paper clay for his body. I then used a white acrylic for the base coat and added brown and black shapes on the body. Then at last added facial features. I then sealed the little guy with poly acrylic to protect the finish. Approximately He stands 14.5” tall and stretches 15.5”.

Each sculpture is emblematic of the spirit of the many dogs with whom we’ve been privileged to spend time. (More pets to come!)

All of the dogs are constructed from discarded items such as cardboard tubes, containers, and newspaper. I find that between the three of us I always have lots of recyclables. You can pick up card board boxes easily driving by any Family Dollar, and boxes have endless uses. The shapes and painting materials are all used to bring life to our little pals.

  Please contact me if you would like to see your pet’s personality come alive through paper mache sculpture. I love custom work and look forward to working with you.

Thank you for your time, check back often for more projects.