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How to make a handmade Rag doll

How to make a handmade Rag doll

You will need muslin fabric, not much less than a yard.

Mix matched fabric pieces for her body.
We will be using yarn for her hair, go crazy with the color.

Acrylic paints for her face and anything goes.
Practice how you would like you face to look on paper before drawing it onto your muslin. 

I recommend that you paint the face on before you sew any of the pieces together, the paints are easier to apply.
Showing are the pieces that I have used to create my dolls don't limit yourself to this pattern let your creative self shine through, its your doll and you can't mess up.

You will need basic sewing skills to assemble your doll. So you are going to pick your fabrics for the body and the legs you will need to cut 2 of each.

More to come post any
questions so far and I will answer everything that I can. I learn from trail and error so I am sure we can figure it out together. I am putting together a video of simple doll making so be sure and come back to check it out.

We are so going to get creative together.

I will be posting an updated pattern for you soon. Please Check Back. (2.18.2012)
This pattern will needed to be adjusted after printing for good portions.

Smiles and Roses, Whimsy Artist